Tony Palermo
Journalist  -  Ghostwriter  -  Business Writer  -  Copy Editor
Someone always knows something.

Everyone always has a story.

What's yours?

Tony Palermo is an engaging journalist, ghostwriter, and copy editor who specializes in law enforcement, true crime, human interest and social issue stories. He tackles the difficult subjects and exposes the important life stories that need to be told--often the darker stories that others may prefer to bury or avoid, but are still very much a part of the human experience.

Tony tells the life stories that matter.

He digs past the daily headlines of what happened to reveal the intimate details of how it happened and different perspectives as to why it happened. After all, life isn't always pretty. Shit happens. Sometimes you cause it, sometimes you receive it. That's the real world we live in.

Tony has seen close friends and family struggle with addiction, substance abuse, criminality and various mental health issues; he's watched someone close to him die from complications of AIDS; he's supported and held relatives as they've taken their last breath, including his infant son.

Demons? Tony has stared-down his own too. He once crushed the scales at 440 pounds.

Good or bad, life is a journey of ups and downs, successes and learning experiences, life lessons that can be shared.

Tony has interviewed people from all walks of life: criminals, victims, survivors, government officials, company executives, celebrities, grieving parents, and those on their deathbed.

He has written articles and business copy for national consumer magazines, trade journals, newspapers, radio, government, and businesses and corporations of all size.

A former senior information technology analyst and federal corrections officer, Tony volunteers at various local festivals, community events, and organizations as his schedule allows.

He is a real foodie who loves to cook and entertain (and yes, despite his weight struggles, eat.) Stealing from the words of his favourite TV celebrity chef David Rocco, Tony explains his passion for food and being able to hold his own in the kitchen by saying "I'm not a chef, I'm Italian!"

His other interests include the Canadian Forces, military history, real estate, live music and theatre, hobby-farming, gardening, self-sufficient living, hiking, exploring new places, and impromptu road-trips.